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ELSEWHEN Applejack 2018

700ml, 44% alc/vol, limited release of 588 individually numbered bottles
New Zealand’s only pure cider brandy Applejack with 15kgs of tree ripened NZ apples per bottle

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ELSEWHEN Applejack 2018

700ml, 44% alc/vol, limited release of 588 individually numbered bottles

ELSEWHEN: A world where Applejack takes its star turn.
It’s about time: Tree ripened fruit, new fashioned techniques, perfectly matured, future proof. Find another dimension: Maple syrup, gingered pears, almond crust. Sip or mix. Explore with friends.
2018 Harvest, Bottled 2022.

ELSEWHEN Applejack won Best Overall Brandy in the 2022 New Zealand Spirit Awards

Tasting notes: The concentration of fruit softened by charred American oak in this vintage creates an exciting interplay of flavours, with hints of pear, warm spices and toasty almond. The flavours keep changing long after you think you’ve finished.

Process: We started this batch in 2018 by making pure apple cider from 14,000 kgs of 100% Tasman grown heritage Cox Orange Pippin and Pink Lady apples (fire concentrating some of the juice into apple molasses), fermented slowly over winter, then double distilled. It has been carefully aged in charred 100L and 200L American Oak barrels, then rested in ex-Four Roses Bourbon casks before vatting and hand bottling. Read the full Distillers Notes for this vintage. Slow, seasonal, labour intensive – we think it’s worth it.

How to Enjoy ELSEWHEN Applejack: 

ELSEWHEN has been designed from the beginning for versatility, sitting comfortably both in your brandy glass and in your cocktail, also bringing a distinctive smooth fruit complexity anytime you want an NZ alternative to bourbon or rye whiskey. Beautiful in the classic Jack Rose cocktail, it also excels as:

  • Applejack Sazerac
  • ELSEWHEN Old Fashioned
  • Mela d’Alba (Applejack Negroni)
  • ELSEWHEN and Tonic – especially nice with the bright tang of East Imperial Yuzu Tonic

What is Applejack?

While technically Applejack is an apple brandy, ageing in charred American oak barrels is very similar to spirits like bourbon or rye whiskey, and you’ll notice that the caramel and vanilla work beautifully with the distinct smooth fruit complexity of cider brandy aged this way.